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Our approach

Reinventing the love for clothing

©Norman Tebel


Our history

Summer Rambo was born in 2021 from a desire to bring fabrics and clothes imbued with stories back to life to offer a more authentic and lasting. The founder owes her passion for her job as a fashion designer and for upcycling to her seamstress grandmother. Already in her time, kept every little piece of fabric to recycle it. A legacy of cherished vintage materials and supplies that regularly features in Summer Rambo collections alongside other precious find. 


Our universe

Summer Rambo is the symbiosis between naturalness and pop, effortless and sensuality. The brand offers eco-responsible vacationwear collections, combining homewear and summer essentials, both timeless and vibrant, sometimes a bit sophisticated or offbeat. Playful and vintage notes infuse shapes, fabrics, colors or patterns, like an ode to memories.


Summer Rambo is moments of life, sunsets and golden lights, travels, idleness, candor, smells of lavender and pine trees, grains of hot sand on the skin, the click of a film camera, a family breakfast, vibrant encounters, the dog-eared page of a book, a few sprigs of dried mimosa...

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Our engagement

Summer Rambo was born from the deep desire to restore value to clothing and meaning to its consumption. She wants to give it back its nobility by learning to choose it and cherish it, to reinvent it over the seasons and years, to pass it on... 

It is also in the confection and production that the brand is committed to offering more sustainable and responsible fashion. Summer Rambo thus manufactures its collections from upcycled fabrics, or from dormant stocks and unsold stocks. An approach that reduces waste, extends the life cycle and revalorizes existing materials. In addition, it relies on a reasoned production by manufacturing tailor-made pieces or in very limited quantities, on pre-order, in its Marseille workshop.


Our promises

To further reduce our impact on our planet. Be creative in our proposals and responsible approaches. You measure the positive and negative impact of our production.
Building together a new way of consuming or re-using what we already have. Promote local actions.


Some additional information


Our production is made in France, in Marseille and its surroundings. 


Packaging reduced to its strict minimum: shipping packaging, a kraft to wrap the garment, a cord and that's it. No unnecessary tags or plastic.

The packaging, its transparent pouch and the tape are biodegradable thanks to your home or industrial compost. They are created from corn.

We invite you before composting them to reuse our packaging for your personal shipments.

* if you compost it, you will have to separate and recycle the shipping sheet. 

Meeting workshop

A doubt about a size for a pre-order? Let's make an appointment in Paris, Marseille or Montpellier for a fitting. 

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